Molo Kids Swim

Molo Swim Drop 2 - MAGICAL HAWAII
The exotic and marvelous dream of the island in the Pacific. Swim out from the bay to see the dolphins jump or dive down into the deep blue and discover a rainbow of diversity in fish and wildlife. Grab your favorite board and paddle alongside the spotted eagle rays in the shallow turquoise water. Walk into the tropical jungle and be amazed by the variety of beautiful hibiscus flowers: white, yellow, orange, pinks and even purple. End your day on an adventure for the ancient Tikis of Hawaii and be amazed.


For Magical Hawaii the color scheme ranges from black, white and gold to purple, peach orange, light yellow and rose with hints of turquoise blue and bright green. The prints are of beautiful exotic fish in multiple colors on a contrasting pink background as well as an enlarged White Butterfly fish print with contrasting lime colored details. The hibiscus flower dominates on the print side with a beautiful forest of flowers in every color imaginable on a cute, light rose colored background. Lastly, a series of black prints are decorated with a gold pattern - it’s just like looking up into the starry black Hawaiian night, a perfect print for the more minimalistic girls.

The product selection consists of tunics, swimsuits, bathing suits and cute bikinis with cool contrasting sporty straps. It also features sun hats, sunglasses, cute bags and slippers for a long day on the Hawaiian beach.


For the boys the color scheme is dominated by blues, greens, black and a contrasting bright orange. The prints are all about the outdoor life: surfing in the sunshine, paddle boarding with spotted eagle rays, watching the sun set, enjoying life in a hammock between to palm trees or going on an adventure and exploring the ancient tiki sculptures. All set in a bright, summery colour palette. The surf boards are an ongoing theme used as enlarged features on t-shirts, swim shirts and shorts as an edgy detail. For the SS21 Swimwear Collection Molo is also introducing a new high raised graphic rubber print on rash guards, shorts, t-shirts and boardies that reflects the sporty elements of the collection.

The product range consist of t-shirts, polo shirts, swimsuits, bathing trunks and shorts as well as matching bucket hats, clippers and caps for a cool summer look.

Claire O